Media Sales Training
We offer two training programs.  One focuses on the immediate challenge of selling advertising in an unsteady recovery.  The other prepares your staff to become in-market experts in new media platforms.  The two programs can be combined and customized to suit the specific needs of your staff and your market.  Follow the links below to learn more:

Selling Local/Regional Cable

Selling Advanced Advertising platforms
to local advertisers
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"This was one of the most positive and exciting experiences I've had in the cable industry."    "Loved it, valuable info re: networks, product knowledge.  I now feel confident, positive, and ready to go!"    "Very fast paced-upbeat-you never lost me once!  Thank you!"    "Straightforward presentation, enjoyable-learning made fun, great ideas, and positive reinforcement."    "Excellent coverage of all material in a very short amount of time.  Great job of explaining how to sell more, sell with purpose."    "Having a great sense of humor keeps us listening; sales people have short attention spans and need it!"    "Very solid info re: cable ad sales-wish I would have had this training in my first couple of months selling cable."    "Excellent presenter, who created a comfortable learning environment, very valuable info and perspective."    "I think every A/E should go through this, especially new ones!"    "Fun and fast-paced, great format, easy to understand new concepts because the presentation is well planned."    "This was the best training course I have ever taken! Fun, exciting, hitting the major points to get the job done and close a deal."    "In twenty years of sales training Xerox, Ziff-Davis, etc. this is among the top programs which I feel I walked away with the most."    "I have heard and learned techniques our Vets do not use.  Thanks for the tools to get me on an excellent start."    "Great job.  Thanks for keeping it interesting and motivating.  I am a rookie, but with this knowledge, I feel it was the perfect way to start my career."    "Exactly what I needed as a new cable advertising sales person"    "I only wish I had taken this course earlier!"    "The timing of this training could not have been better because we have four new sales people that have never sold cable.  Thanks!"    "I have been to 100 programs like this! This was by far the best!"

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Selling Local/Regional Cable

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