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How we improve your Local Ad Sales Effort:  

1)        We conduct a survey of Local Advertising Sales executives from the sales and marketing fields to determine where they see your opportunity for greatest value and to assess your current reputation and effectiveness compared with competitive networks.  This survey becomes the cornerstone of a integrated LAS strategy that seeks value at each opportunity-from existing linear advertising business to emerging/new media partnerships.

2)        We provide strategic counsel as you work to maximize the utility of the Local Ad Sales function.  Most significantly, this is in the area of increasing viewership to your networks.  Affiliates still expect support.  We can provide genuinely useful support while boosting your viewership. 

3)        We lead a field presence helping with the sell-in of tune-in campaigns and promotions.  Given Kevin Barry's 20+ years in local cable ad sales, his close business relationships extend from the front lines all the way up to the senior-most MSO Corporate leadership positions.

4)        We drive the professional development of your affiliate sales and marketing staff.  We have trained thousands of cable advertising salespeople and affiliate network representatives in my career.  We offer training modules on understanding the business of local cable advertising, new video platforms, negotiation, marketing & positioning, understanding audience measurement, etc.  We could design a program for your staff that addresses what you see as their most compelling needs.

5)        We provide counsel in the area of new media like On Demand and broadband video.  We have worked with software solutions providers, a VOD audience measurement firm, and MSOs in this space.  We have also served on CTAM's On Demand Consortium, an industry initiative to drive On Demand and On Demand advertising forward.

LAS Strategy and Execution
Cable networks demonstrate value and generate revenue for their cable operator partners by being a real local ad sales resource.  While operators are reluctant to share details of local revenue generation, there is no question that they value networks who are legitimate "players" in this space. 

Cable networks additionally benefit from the partnership between their affiliate sales effort and cable operator LAS by leveraging the relationship to gain tune-in support for key programming assets.  Cable system LAS departments control 80%+ of available inventory and only make it available to programmers who are working with them to drive local ad revenue.  Successful networks that understand the value of developing and maintaining such a relationship can achieve media exposure 5-10 times greater per tune-in-dollar invested by working with system LAS departments.

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"With two decades-plus in the Cable Advertising Sales industry, I have an early entrant's intuitive understanding of how to get the most out of our medium.  I have spent time on the street as a local sales rep back in the early days.  I have established a major programming network group's Local Advertising Sales Department.  And as the top local cable executive for the industry's trade association, I have worked with salespeople and advertisers to help them understand and utilize cable advertising to solve their marketing challenges."